Upsetting Energy


Hi, I’m Pavan, a 19-year-old aspiring artist from London, UK. 

I’m based in surrealism and abstract work with a passion for exploring color, texture, and multimedia. I specialize in acrylic and gouache-based works and oil-paint on paper, canvas, and wood. 

I generally describe my art as “a visionary of my mind”, with dark themes and challenging compositions. I developed my love for art after studying it for four years at school and have continued to pursue it ever since. I generally paint abstract and surreal landscapes with melancholic and somewhat unsettling energy, but I have a broad range of styles that I constantly evolve and adapt as the state of my mind changes.

 harlequin abused the damned
love doctor
minds eye
odyssey 1

You can find Pavan on Instagram and Twitter.

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