My name is Branco Omowumi. I was born in Lagos, Nigeria, and I am a poet, dancer, singer, and narrator. 


You said ‘hi’ once our eyes met

State of Modern Womanhood 

My name is Eliza, and I’m a receptionist for Public Health and a grocery store clerk.


Hader Otaki is the author of the poetry collection GIVE ME AWORD. He is from Nasarawa state but was born and raised in Lagos.

You Are The Sun 

Valeria Eden is a poet from the state of Colorado.  

Stranger than Fiction

My name is Mark Owoola (I use M3RK as my pen name), and I am a 22-year-old graduate student at the University of Missouri.

An escape from reality

I am an opportunistic young individual trying to take on the world like a storm.

 Human Behaviors

I am a student at Middlesex University, and I am 20 years old.

Yoseatsume Blues

My name is Abu. There are countless narratives and experiences building day by day within us, and I feel art through any medium achieves a form of personal expression that we may find difficult to delineate normally. We may come from polar opposite extremes in every regard, but our differences should be a way to…

Blue Pomegranate

Firnita is a story enthusiast from Indonesia.

Poetic Justice

Justice Thompson is a 19-year-old college student from Kansas City, MO.


Macduff “JPTR Sol” Valashiya is a 26-year-old from the city of Kimberley in the Northern Cape province of South Africa

Carry me with you

Salwa Sadek is an Egyptian-Australian poet and spoken word artist. Her passion for storytelling through studying journalism sparked her interest in telling her own stories through poetic form.

Wisdom for the world

My name is Zhama Jumbo, and I am a Leeds-based animator from London.

“You’re African?”

Elias Tewolde is a writer/soon-to-be author and poet. In this Lyric essay, he expresses his resistance to a forced narrative rendered by negative stereotypes surrounding the proud African identity.

Writing the Pain Away

My name is Salsabila, born in Indonesia and raised in Qatar.

Identity and Imagination

Nour is a 21-year-old Sudanese writer and poet born and raised in Qatar and currently living in the Netherlands.

Dedicated Poet

I was born and raised in Kaduna, where I received my primary education before moving to Maiduguri to continue my educational endeavors.


My name is Rachel. I’m 24, and I’m from California!I have been writing poetry on and off for most of my life. One day I kinda realized this is all I want, all I need. Writing now is the thing I am most passionate about!

A Letter of Gratitude to Home

Writing poetry is the perfect equivalent for me to find release through the complex emotions I am unable to express in regular conversations

A Way With Words

My name is Aisha Glory, and I’m a 21-year-old poet from Texas!

Heavy Thoughts

I grew up in Toronto as a first-generation Indo East African, Caribbean Muslim in a single-parent household.

Silk and Concrete

My name is Dylan Van, and I’m from Aurora, Colorado.

Echoes Of Love

My name is Simon Thiepdit, 23 years of age. I am a South Sudanese National, Author, and a medical student at the University of Juba.

Spreading Love

My name is Eva Chau, and this year I released my first romance novel and a poetry book.

It Must Be Said.

My name is Ghina Furqan, I’m a writer of Indonesian heritage based in West Java.

Live Minimalistically

I’m an Immigrant who came to the United States when I was 4; I’m also Native American. I went to school in the United States and graduated in 2013 at Larkin High soon after graduating from Computer Systems Institute with a networking Diploma as an IT.

Caesar’s Showcase

I’m Caesar, a black lesbian creative, amongst other things.

Velvet’s Gospel

Velvet Stunner is a creative writer, artist and poet.

Sireka’s Peace

Sireka is a Jamaican poet, currently living in Toronto. She started writing poetry in 2017 as a means of coping with severe anxiety.


KoE is my name; KoE is a lifestyle, and KoE is forever. What’s valuable to you? What’s the most precious possession in your life? Many will instantly think of material items. But for those of us humble enough to understand that materialism doesn’t last, the pursuit of knowledge will always reign—knowledge over Everything.


I have been and plan to continue using poetry to speak on relevant issues. “Still Human” was an emotional piece for me to write; it took me weeks to complete. I think it’s been difficult for a majority of people to put their feelings into words with the current state of our world, and I…

I Don’t Hate White People

White privilege exists, this poet writes on their frustration and anger towards a system that benefits the white public. Posts can be done anonymously, if you’re interested, contact us.

Khayr Souf’s Words

I am a young writer who is always willing to pen down my feelings and breathe life into my words. My poetry mostly speaks of Motivation, Lifestyle, hope, and love. Sometimes, heartbreak too.

Round & Round

My name is Dania Maaliki. I am a Palestinian, Lebanese, Muslim American. I am attending college at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing a Biology Pre Med degree with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. Poetry has been more of a hobby and a form of therapy in a way. It brings me peace because…

“The Month of Ramadan” and “Nature of the Soul”

My name is Abdulaziz Hima and I am currently a Sophomore soon to become junior at UCD. I am originally from Misrata, Libya and came to the U.S to pursue higher studies as a young kid. It has been a tough journey for me and my family but we go back home every summer to…

“Midlife Crisis” and “Woman at the Cafe”

In essence, both poems are about life: “Midlife Crisis” explores unresolved grief and personal trauma, while “Woman at the Cafe” aims to depict the chaotic life in the service industry. My work draws on experience, observation, and a fascination with the unknown.

Heroes Of Today

As the world faces a global pandemic like no other, health workers come to the rescue. Both poems illustrate the bravery and strength instilled in the heroes of today.

Hold Yourself

“Hold Yourself” is a Docufiction poetry performance of a self-quarantine through the experience of a disabled Arab woman. In this piece, I discuss the impact of art as a therapy in this time of isolation as well as the different means of staying afloat and identity. Each shot corresponds to a single day in a…

“Why Hide From The Moon?” and “Under Water”

My name is Forrest Miller II and both of my poems are just straight up honesty. Being honest with myself about how I feel after life throws a curveball or a strong hook is all these words are. I feel like admitting to yourself when you’re down or don’t know what to feel is often…

Powerful Message

SlaveOfMostWise is a spoken-word poet who looks to raise awareness on social issues in today’s day. His piece is about a problem we all take lightly & he wanted to raise awareness on the topic of gossiping. “It’s as though degrading women to receive praise has become a pattern for guys. The goal of this…

“Colurism” and “I Remember”

I view my poetry as a reflection of growth, all things I have felt in the past. Sometimes when I read some of my old poems I think one of two thoughts: “Why did I feel that way?” or “I’m glad I don’t think that way anymore.”

“Simon Says” & “1492 Blues”

I wrote “Simon Says” to expose the harms of capitalism against Black and Brown bodies, specifically in the American education and prison systems. “1492 Blues” was written about the truths of colonialism kept out of Eurocentric curriculums. Through both of these poems, I trope on injustices by manipulating our childhood games and hymns. In my…

A Love Letter To Sri Lanka

Fathima Faaiza Feroz Expressing myself through art, whether it be poetry or drawing, is a cathartic process. This poem represents my past and current feelings towards my motherland, Sri Lanka. For so long I associated the worst memories of my life with youTumultuous arguments,Restless nights,The dysfunctionality grew and grew. How could my roots be the…

The Parable Of Rabbits In The Swap

Abu Born and raised in Kenya, Abu shares a poetry piece he’s written titled, “The Parable Of Rabbits In The Swap” Like mismatched partners, I’ve begun to question whether my mind was tailored for connections.  Moments of distortion with life become increasingly constant and the fluidity of the river that was once my mind comes…