Eye for the future 

My name is Alabi Olawanle Adeyemi Oyindamola.


My name is Emman-Wori Adonike Onyinye Ranita. I was born and raised in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I am smart, passionate, and always ready to learn!

Writer’s Room 

Yanis Cherif is a professional filmmaker with 4 years of experience, who has worked on a wide range of film sets with high-profile clients such as FIFA, Euronews, and Qatar Foundation

Brown Girl the Brand

My name is Trinity. I’m a 21-year-old poet, YouTuber, and all-around creative from Atlanta, Georgia.

Alise’s Solutions

My name is Alise Givens. I am a 20-year old Junior at the University of Northern Colorado.


My name is Shelby, I’m 19 years old. I create handmade wire-wrapped crystal jewelry based in Colorado. 


 I’m based in London and currently in our third COVID-19 lockdown. The lockdowns have meant that I’ve been working from home from my full-time job as a marketing manager for a year now – this has given me more time to spend finding new hobbies.

Elrayah Apparel

Sudanese American twins, Asim and Omer Elrayah, launched their apparel company called Elrayah back in 2018. The brand was designed to provide fashionable clothing that establishes solidarity and awareness for the voiceless and underrepresented countries.


My name is Mariam, and I’m the co-founder of Celestial.

Costume Designer

My name is Eeri. I am a 31-year-old costume maker who recently found inspiration in music after a long hiatus from my craft.

Content Creator

Brent Jackson defines the role of a content creator. From photography to videography, Brent is always finding new ways to capture his audience.


My name is Rhyarna McBride, also called Rita Scee, and I am an artist located in Chicago, Illinois.


My name is Omari Wyands. I am from Queens, New York, and a sophomore at Clark Atlanta University. I always had a passion for photography.

BA•NK by Jahon

My name is Jahon Swisher, and I am a 20-year-old designer from Watts, California. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be a designer or work in the fashion world. I loved going to the fashion district and making little designs in my head.

The Onyx Image

My name is Josiah; I am a 21-year-old creator originally from Houston, Texas. I indulge in all forms of creative work, graphic design, traditional art, digital art, photography, fashion, and videography/cinematography.

Lands of the Blacks Book Club

Alaa Beshir and Reham Bela started a book club so that they can achieve a safe zone where Sudanese readers could relate to other readers as well as dedicate the book club to all genres allowing them to widen the member’s horizons.

An Eye For Design

Isaiah Williams is a college sophomore at Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisana.

New Look

19-year-old Isaac is a clothing designer, creative director, and the owner of Siori, a clothing brand!

Lily Lane Creations

My name is Jasmine; I’m from Washington State and the owner of Lily Lane Creations!


I recently graduated in May with my bachelor’s in biology and a minor in criminology/sociology. I started making jewelry right around when COVID was happening as a way to pass the time, but also because I really wanted to have a creative outlet.

The Healing Body Shop

My name is Lounda Charelus; I am currently a 4th year in my undergraduate studies on a pre-law track. I am the owner of a small skincare and wellness brand, The Healing Body Shop. I make oil serums, soaps, body butters, face masks, creams, and as well as other wellness products.

Radiant Skin Collection

Welcome to the RSC family! My name is Tajahne Hobley; I will be launching my bath & body business on October 31st!

The Doll Code Boutique

My name is Angelica Trujillo. I’m from Denver, Colorado. I’ve recently launched my clothing brand named The Doll Code Boutique. The Doll Code is an upcoming small black-owned business.

Stellar Clothing

My name is Stella, and I am the founder and designer of Stellar clothing. My brand blends my Eritrean Heritage with modern silhouettes comprised of street, lounge, and event wear. Founded in 2017, my designs are a fresh take on cultural clothing and are intended to intertwine with modern fashion effortlessly.

Finishing Touch

My name is Kadidiatou Mampoya and I am the owner of Finishing Touch Lash Company!

Zeni Beauty Supply & Wigs

My name is Wendy Quanon; I am a 22-year-old college student that goes to school in Kentucky (until recently). I was born in Liberia, the first country in Africa to gain independence on July 26th, 1847, and raised in Durham, North Carolina.


Avery Gollnick who also goes by DirectorAve is a multimedia creative based in Denver Colorado. He is known for his music videos enhanced with VFX for Denver based musicians. In the past, he’s worked with artists like Trev Rich, Kah Li, Nay Renee and many others. DirectorAve is on the rise and his talent is…

Peas in a Pod

‘Peas In A Pod is a lifestyle podcast created by three best friends – Eiman, Rana, and Samah. They use their platform to talk about life experiences, from post-graduate depression to social media to mental health, and the affects of relationships with religion.

All Things Sabee

While she’s a student at the University of Boulder, Sabrina Gamboa is also the host and creator of her own podcast channel, All Things Sabee.

Zuret Girls

Zuret Girls is the product of two cousins who came together to share their passion for travel, authentic experiences, and instilling positivity in others.

Alewia’s Hair Care

Alewia’s Hair Care is a black-owned hair care business founded by Alewia Roba.

Black Dynasty Apparel

Black Dynasty is a clothing company based on empowerment and charity.

We Were the Best of Friends, Until We Weren’t.

I started my podcast inspired by a friendship breakup I had experienced about a year and a half ago. Having to go on without my partner in crime made me reflect on other friendships that had faded or turned sour throughout my life; I then wondered why no one talks about what it’s like losing…

Lands of the Blacks

Land of the Blacks is a small business set up to represent Sudan. Sudan is home to the people of the revolution whose resilience continues to inspire us every day.

The Yemen Project

My name is Ladan Khalaf, I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I’ve been challenging myself to complete a humanitarian project every Ramadan that goes beyond myself. The Prophet Muhammad (saws) peace be upon him, said: “The believer’s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity” (Al-Tirmidhi).

It Is Up To Us

“In necessary things, unity; in doubtful things, liberty; in all things, charity” (Richard Baxter). During a unprecedented global pandemic (COVID-19 outbreak), Maaria M shares the reasons on why she decided to act and help her country in need.

On The Grind

“On The Grind”, is a brand that was created to motivate individuals to go for their dreams. “We are creating a lifestyle through the brand and more importantly hope to open doors to take people onto the next chapters of their lives. We aim to continue striving for greatness and continue to influence others as…