Uncomfortable Conversations: Episode 13 ( Reflecting on what we learned)

Our hosts recollected the experiences they gathered from the guest speakers participating in the podcast’s last few episodes.Topics of all ranges were discussed on our channel, from mental health to the spiritual journey of a hijabi woman living in the United States.H ear from what our hosts thought as they discussed each episode in detail and shed light on what’s to come for the podcast’s future. Let us know your favorite episode and what more you would like to tune into! 

Uncomfortable Conversations: Episode 12 (Why I decided to wear the Hijab)

Our hosts spoke to Susu, a Sudanese American Muslim who struggled to find the confidence to wear her hijab until recently as she has celebrated one year of her anniversary with her hijab. She speaks on her spiritual and religious journey to our hosts as she seeks to inspire other Muslim women experiencing the same inner conflict. 

Uncomfortable Conversations: Episode 9 (Career Journey of a Sex Worker) 

The career choice of sex workers is often criticized, yet our series deems to normalize the conversation of sex work as it shouldn’t be sheltered from the public or by the public. Our hosts spoke to a sex worker on her career journey and how she blended it with her social life and creative aspirations!

What’s Happening Where? Episode 1: Kashmir 

Our podcast series “What’s happening where?” is dedicated to discussing events happening worldwide with activists, scholars, and journalists. Prioritizing unreported issues, the podcast series aims to provide audiences with a scope of why these situations occur and, more importantly, why they are of great significance. 

Uncomfortable Conversations: Episode 3 (Addressing toxic masculinity)

In 2018, the American Psychological Association’s Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Boys and Men stated that parenting boys through “traditional” masculinity damages their overall wellbeing. The term “toxic masculinity” is often discussed with relentless debate from the college classroom to Twitter since it gathers attention to both men and women.

The Air Force: A Conversation with a First-Year Recruit

Ever wonder what’s it like to be in the Air Force? Our team spoke to first-year Air Force recruit Jeremy Serrano to get a glimpse of what it’s like to join the United States military during these unprecedented times.


Founder Mohamed Eltayeb speaks to a group of students from the country of Pakistan on the Black Lives Matter movement.


Founder Mohamed Eltayeb & co-founder Murtaza Salahi speak to three distinct individuals in the second episode of your voice matters live podcast.


Co-Founder Mohamed Eltayeb speaks to three talented artists in Doha, Qatar at the Mathaf, Arab Museum of Modern Art in the very first episode of 20/20 Vision Media Company. This series explores creative artists and what influences they seek in their work along with what they hope to showcase on the global scale. Check it out now and let us know what you think in the comments or reach out to us!


Founder Mohamed Eltayeb & Cofounder Murtaza Salahi speak to four distinct individuals in the first episode of your voice matters live podcast.