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Patric Rozario

On 14 July 2016, Patric Rozario was bestowed with the title of Master Craftsman, and his company, Aesthetic Arts Ltd is now a member of The Guild Of Master Craftsmen of the United Kingdom.

When prospective customers see the Guild emblem – a sign of quality – they will know that only accredited members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen can use this emblem. All Guild members are thoroughly assessed to earn the right to be called Master Craftsmen. Once accepted into the fold, they are required to maintain and uphold the Guild’s stringent professional criteria.

Aesthetic Arts are proud to be in the league of Harrods, Aston Martin, Burberry, The Ritz, and Bentley Motors (to mention a few), who are also members of the Guild of Master Craftsmen.

An artist’s motivations to create art are just as varied as his or her individual personality. Thus, it is not the ‘what’, but the ‘who’ that motivates prospective patrons and, more so, that builds connections between them and the brand.

Patric Rozario, an artist, and creator who hails from Malaysia, says: “The input that the buyer and the viewer provide lets my creations grow richer and more meaningful. I prefer to create pieces that are dazzling, rich, glamorous, colorful, joyful and rare. My effort is to evoke happiness, and if possible, heal too”.

Patric Rozario shuffles between Doha and London, where he has studios in both cities. HE trades through his company Aesthetic Arts Ltd of the United Kingdom.

You can find Patric on Patreon, Youtube, WordPress, Facebook, and Instagram.

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