India’s farmer protests explained

Since November of 2020, tens of thousands of farmers in India have been protesting farmer’s reforms put in place by the government.

We Are Not In This Together

Tabitha Agaba is a journalist and writer interested in issues of inequality, accountability, and transparency. She’s based in Kampala, Uganda. This piece exposes the economic disparities that people have suffered through during the coronavirus pandemic.

An Abuse Of Power

Muhammad Sikandar Ali Chaudary reports on the story of migrant workers in Qatar who have agree to work overtime even though it has been deemed illegal to work for more than nine hours a day.

Doha Metro vs Uber and Careem

The introduction of the Doha metro has led to cheap, accessible transportation for the public. This new competition has impacted drivers of established ride sharing services. Check out this story to learn about how companies like Uber and some of its riders are adapting and negotiating past these challenges.