The War Behind Closed Doors

By now, much of the world is aware of the atrocities occurring in Tigray, committed by Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Fano forces. Yet little is known of the silent war waged against Eritrean civilians prior to and in tandem with the war in Tigray. Understanding this silent war not only gives more awareness to the complexities of this war, but also the knowledge that this war has more victims than is being touched on in much of the international media.

Macron’s French version of Islam is anti-Muslim; here’s why

French President Emmanuel Macron has called “radical Islam” a threat to French society. His newly passed law is discriminatory and an intrusion on the rights of the country’s 5.7 million Muslim population. Once in effect, the law permits authorities to do several things such as regulate religious organizations, monitor homeschooling, and crackdown on hate speech; here’s why you need to know about France’s “anti-separatism” bill.

How Did The Israeli Government Make The Semitic Race Exclusive To Its People And Use It As An Excuse For Its Crimes?

By Ayman Al-Rasheed Many Americans went on social media to defend congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib after Trump accused them of anti-Semitism. A considerable number of American citizens criticized such blatant accusations and saw that condemning Israel’s actions should not be deemed as an attack on all Jewish people. To analyze the problem, we…


معاداة السامية… كيف جعلت إسرائيل العرق السامي حِكراً على شعبها واستخدمته شماعة لجرائمها؟

While Israeli government uses power against Palestinians on the ground, it utilizes its agenda through various media and literary tools. In this Arabic piece, we look at how the apartheid state has manipulated the use of terminology in academia and press. More importantly, we try to analyze how zionist propaganda has utilized the term “Anti-Semitism” as an excuse for its vicious crimes against innocent Palestinians.