Chasing Greatness 

Josue Pierre Manishimwe 

I’m Josue Pierre Manishimwe (PierreM) young Rwanda-born and based Alla Prima painter-based and full-time practicing artist.

Working at his home and showcasing his work in some gallery the story started in 2019; after acquiring professional art skills in sculpture and ceramics, I had a feeling this would be hard to express many of my ideas and thoughts boldly. Then I started practicing painting cause I was easygoing and did a lot of work. The first year was tough to capture rhythm; making no money in all corners was even further. At this time, I was practicing both pen drawing and painting before I evaluated what to prioritize.

In 2021 I radically chased painting, and I wasn’t aware of the unique style to approach on my painting so-far it has initiated some striking effectively. I aim to give the viewer enough inside stories and let the viewer get aware of my creative thoughts of life in my work. 

I am currently doing more personal work with a deeper understanding message after the Lemesali series. I always enjoy challenging myself daily in my painting to increase the cozy style that I’m doing. While I feel self-assured, I’ll keep inventing a new way of telling cultural stories. I also exercise different mediums like drawing, watercolor, digital, and mixed media. 

I often like to express my lifestyle and delight in telling stories about dissimilar cultures and beauty. Most of my painting celebrates the advance of women and a carefree new generation of Africa. 

PierreM used his art to connect people and tell a different story about Africa and the people who live on the continent as a visual storyteller. Participating in different workshops these have an effect on my career and growth as an artist.

Artist Statement 

As an artist, I had a propensity to work in very convincing surroundings and how art can be a good Chanel to expound on their minds, culture, and daily life around the world.  

Most of my artwork consisted of a lot to change and restore humanity. My work portrays daily life, depicting joy and sadness, recalling the past, and hoping for a brighter future. I believe art is perhaps a good voice and contribute to the communities development process through the interplay and fraternizing.

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