The United States of Homelessness

The United States of America has a homeless problem, and the US government is doing a great job at pretending it doesn’t exist.

Close encounters of some kind? The unidentified phenomena explained

After decades of public denial, the US Director of National Intelligence is expected to release an “unclassified” report on UFOs to congress within this month. The report comes after the Pentagon verified videos captured by the US Navy as unidentified flying objects. But will the truth finally come out, or will UFO enthusiasts like myself…

The continued persecution of Hazaras has been ignored for far too long.

For more than a century, Hazaras have been targeted through a system of bigotry and persecution. Ethnic discrimination has followed the Hazara community from Afghanistan to Iran and Pakistan. Sunni terrorist groups have declared war on the ethnic group; here’s what you need to know about the Hazaras genocide.

The rich-poor divide; global COVID-19 vaccine inequality

More than 848 million doses have been administered worldwide, allowing for 2.4% of the global population to be fully vaccinated. Despite several countries rolling out accelerated vaccination campaigns, there remains an inequality in global vaccine distribution. Under current predictions, many more disadvantaged countries will have to wait several years to receive vaccines, consequently prolonging…

India’s farmer protests explained

Since November of 2020, tens of thousands of farmers in India have been protesting farmer’s reforms put in place by the government.

Black History Month: What is it, and why is it important?

The month of February is dedicated to promoting the achievements of African Americans and recognizing Black histories. Still, much of the public doesn’t know the origins of the annual holiday and why its roots hold significance.

China’s disappearing Muslims. What is happening with the Uyghurs in China?

Rape, torture, sterilization are the latest first-hand reports from China’s detention camps in Xinjiang, China. At least 1 million Uyghurs have been imprisoned against their will since April 2017. Several foreign governments, UN officials, and human rights organizations have accused China of ethnic cleansing. Yet, China denies ill-treatment claims towards the mostly Muslim minority and…

What’s it like to get a COVID-19 vaccine? We interviewed essential frontline workers to get their vaccine experience.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 35 million vaccines have been distributed in the United States. 14 million Americans have received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine, while 2 million people have been fully vaccinated. What’s it like to get a COVID-19 vaccine? We interviewed essential frontline workers to…

Ethiopia’s war in Tigray; a fight of the past and for the future

An unforgiving war is raging in Ethiopia. Just a year ago, Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize; now, his government has declared war on the region of Tigray. Thousands of civilians have perished from starvation and murder; tens of thousands have sought refuge, and millions of children have been cut…

The COVID-19 Vaccine Update

Coronavirus is continuing its spread across the world dangerously, yet there has been some good news regarding the vaccine.

Post US Election 2020: Trump is afraid to face the truth.

Despite losing the election, Trump’s power in the country remains stronger than ever. Yet, Trump’s objection to concede is setting a dangerous precedent that could continue to ignite his base and, more importantly, leave this country divided. Why is Trump hesitant on leaving office? What truth is he afraid of facing?

#EndSARS? What is happening in Nigeria?

Unfortunately, police brutality has been the theme for this year, but not only for countries like the US. In Nigeria, the public is fighting for their lives against their police and demanding for the abolition of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and complete police reform.

Yemen, a Country on the Brink of Extinction.

Before it became the poorest nation in the Middle East, before the death toll reached 100,000, before 10 million would be at risk for famine, before 20 million experienced food insecurity, Yemen was a nation of beauty and treasures.

We Are Not In This Together

Tabitha Agaba is a journalist and writer interested in issues of inequality, accountability, and transparency. She’s based in Kampala, Uganda. This piece exposes the economic disparities that people have suffered through during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Sudanese Revolution: A Reflection on History, Identity and Resilency

Sudanese-American students Rwan Ibrahim, a sophomore, and Amro Ashmeik, a senior, attend Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. After reflecting on the Sudanese Revolution and the immense impact it left on Sudanese identities worldwide, they decided to co-write a piece reflecting on the course of the revolution — pointing out what it means to a generation…

Remember, Remember The Fight for Sudan.

Sudan is marking its one-year anniversary of a deadly massacre that led to the deaths of hundreds of martyrs (an individual who is killed because of their beliefs), thousands of injuries, and countless rape victims. Sudanese around the world are continuing to demand that justice be served to the perpetrators of the violence.


Born in California but raised in Eritrea, Ciham Ali Abdu was only 15 years old when the authoritative Eritrean government imprisoned her. Ciham is in incommunicado detention– meaning her family hasn’t seen or heard from her in over 7 years. This is the case of Ciham Ali Abdu.

An Abuse Of Power

Muhammad Sikandar Ali Chaudary reports on the story of migrant workers in Qatar who have agree to work overtime even though it has been deemed illegal to work for more than nine hours a day.

Doha Metro vs Uber and Careem

The introduction of the Doha metro has led to cheap, accessible transportation for the public. This new competition has impacted drivers of established ride sharing services. Check out this story to learn about how companies like Uber and some of its riders are adapting and negotiating past these challenges.

The Natural Hair Movement: How Black Women In Qatar Maintain Afro-Textured Hair

In the midst of global anti-black hair sentiments and racism, millions of black women around the world are currently on a journey to embrace the beauty in their natural hair by rejecting homogeneous Eurocentric beauty standards. In Qatar, this movement is facilitated by the increasing number of female expats from Sub-Saharan Africa, who can now…

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