Ahlaam Delange (they/them)

Ahlaam Delange is an aspiring director, screenwriter, and animator connecting to their truth by contemplating the human experience and exploring empathy, adventure, discovery, and love in film and writing. In this feature, they share their video essay, Commencement and month-long storyboard. 

My work employs immersive worlds and strong characters who come to terms with the complexities of their lives, legends, and the process of self-actualization. I hope others feel that in my scripts and visuals. I challenge cultural monoliths by drawing from my life experience as a first-generation Coloured South African, Black, Desi, Muslim, Queer growing up in a pseudo-country town in Texas.

During the pandemic, I have begun fully embracing and exploring myself as a multidisciplinary creator. I have crafted videos, drawings, and words throughout this time. There are many mainstream multidisciplinary cis-men artists (Donald Glover, Virgil Abloh, and Toro y Moi), and I hope to be known as that type of creator myself.


Commencement is a video essay that explores the relationship between identity and elitism. After an overwhelming undergraduate experience at an elite university, a pandemic halted traditional graduation practices for me. I was forced to confront the overwhelming sense of disappointment and answer “Was it worth it?” regarding my college experience.

A computer-automated Mayor Lori Lightfoot voiceover, who is Black and lesbian like me, narrates the essay. I also share a similar academic background, adding further concern for how my elitism participation will shape me.

Edit: Albeit fictional, the video essay incorrectly states Lori Lightfoot made TikTok’s with her niece, but it is her daughter. 


#FEBOARDARY, a month-long storyboard challenge created by storyboard artist Abigail Lee, where I drew 3-5 panels a day on various topics to improve my storyboarding skills. 

#FEBOARDARY Day 18: Let’s Dance

#FEBOARDARY Day 27: Action Sequence Steven Universe S1 E9 – Tiger Millionaire

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