Ian Banks 

 My name is Ian Banks, and I am a self-taught traditional artist in Atlanta, GA. My goal is to provide a different perspective to black art in terms of subject and color, with an exclusive focus on dark-skinned women and vibrant colors. 

My primary inspirations are Japanese manga and American comics, which is why I’m so keen on both simple and detailed styles. I am someone with a big appetite. Some of my dreams include creating murals of my workaround Atlanta to inspire and uplift black women, doing storyboard work for series and films, and collaborating with local artists and brands for projects. But when I’m not working toward those goals, I’m developing a comic that aims to prompt discussions about community issues. 

I’m always happy to meet new artists and creatives to learn about their inspirations and potentially build new connections. Don’t be afraid to reach out!

You can find Ian on Instagram and Twitter.

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