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Ajibola Bodunrin 

 I am a self-taught multi-media artist from Houston, Texas, currently based in Philadelphia.

Creation and bringing ideas of any type to life has been a huge passion for me and every day I can make something is a day that I am happy. My art is all about using colors and textures to create a feeling. I see each canvas as a personal challenge to give my audience as much as possible without saying too much. My goal every time is expression without words. How can I make my audience feel something even when they don’t fully understand? I am often inspired by the elements and naturalistic landscapes. I incorporate elements of the natural world into my work. As I take inspiration from the world around me, my biggest goal is to share the things that I create back with it. The beauty of art to me is its ability to be shared, and with that being said I hope you enjoy the art that I am sharing with you.  

Who is Muumba

You can find Ajibola on Instagram, Twitter, and their website!

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