Eyes Wide Shut

Tré Suber

On the surface, Tré Suber exudes confidence, efficiency, and unique creativity

 As a Dallas, Texas native, Tré uses influences from southern culture, the Black American diaspora, and pop culture. Currently studying Interior Architecture at Cornish College of the Arts, he is slated to graduate with his BFA in 2022. With that being said, Tré’s artwork is meant to captivate the viewer’s eye, make one feel a bit uncomfortable, and develop conversations around unconventional artwork and topics. 

With a small background in activism, he uses history to highlight the current pathway of Black Americans and how the Black American experience continues to drive change. Tré is primarily a photographer but uses mixed media, such as digital editing and textures, to transform photographs into mixed media art pieces. 

With hopes to travel the world, Tré continues to push his artwork through various social media avenues and collaborating with other small artists to develop a solid networking system while remembering to keep the integrity of the art in mind.

You can find Tré on Instagram or their portfolio.

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