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Kira Grigg

I’m Kira; I am 18 and from England. I have been into art ever since I was a child.

In school, I always took a huge interest in the art and design subjects. Doing GCSE art, photography, ALEVEL art and product design allowed me to develop my skills in many areas and widen my knowledge. Having been able to focus more on my personal projects and art pieces in the past year or so, I have improved a lot and discovered my love for all media’s, not preferring one over the other. The subjects I choose to create vary a lot in what you can physically see to the meanings behind them. Overall I enjoy creating aesthetically pleasing art pieces, whether it is realism, abstract, or surrealism, and hope to create a platform to show and have my work welcomed and accepted by an audience as I continue to grow with it.

You can find Kira on Instagram and Twitter.

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