Sudanese President General AbdelFattah al-Burhan, the rise from zero to hero, to zero.

Ahmed Yasir Mustafa is a 17-year-old who is passionate about Sudanese politics and has written several profiles focusing on Sudanese political leaders. In this opinion piece, he intends to educate his community and the global public on Sudanese President General AbdelFattah Abdelrahman al-Burhan.

The War Behind Closed Doors

By now, much of the world is aware of the atrocities occurring in Tigray, committed by Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Fano forces. Yet little is known of the silent war waged against Eritrean civilians prior to and in tandem with the war in Tigray. Understanding this silent war not only gives more awareness to the complexities of this war, but also the knowledge that this war has more victims than is being touched on in much of the international media.

Macron’s French version of Islam is anti-Muslim; here’s why

French President Emmanuel Macron has called “radical Islam” a threat to French society. His newly passed law is discriminatory and an intrusion on the rights of the country’s 5.7 million Muslim population. Once in effect, the law permits authorities to do several things such as regulate religious organizations, monitor homeschooling, and crackdown on hate speech; here’s why you need to know about France’s “anti-separatism” bill.