Fatima’s Art

As a female Arab artist, I feel it’s my duty to break the shell of the single narrative and perspective of what we Middle Eastern and Arab women have been confined to. Many of the themes within my artwork tend to be personal but never deviate from my identity as an Arab woman. I want to use my platform and artwork, especially bringing it outside of just Arab countries to discuss the realities of womanhood in this society and reclaim the identity that is so often created for us.

Round & Round

My name is Dania Maaliki. I am a Palestinian, Lebanese, Muslim American. I am attending college at the University of Colorado Denver pursuing a Biology Pre Med degree with a minor in Chemistry and Psychology. Poetry has been more of a hobby and a form of therapy in a way. It brings me peace because I can express how I feel in that moment. As of recently, I have used it as a form of expression and a platform to speak about the harsh reality we face in today’s society. This piece was triggered by the story of Ahmaud Arbery. I felt extremely frustrated, sad, and disappointed once again. I felt every feeling and there was a fire in me I had to release in words.


Blacksneakers is a Painter and Illustrator based in North Carolina, USA. Her primary focus is on the human body. She can express concepts of emotion, mentality, and physicality while combining it with vibrant color schemes to create complex, black narratives. As a young, black woman, she feels it’s best to contribute her voice to a community already unique and beautiful.