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Damilare Jamiu Kanyinsola

Damilare Jamiu Kanyinsola is an emerging visual artist whose work draws inspiration from his immediate society, events, people, and ideas in the contemporary setting of the black movement.

His work instills optimism and positive vibes, primarily working with oil and acrylic paints, adding designs and patterns with his style of reminding the public of the black heritage, and embracing the black culture by introducing antique materials and ideas into his works. On the same strength, as a fast-growing artist of Africa’s contemporary art scene, he has been working on diverse ideas and interesting styles to represent elements of the black’s current socio-politico climate.

 Damilare Jamiu’s lifestyle enlivens the reality of his works, as it also embodies it. He believes in his perspectives through matters and points of view, apparently to convey a definite meaning and message to the benefit of those around him. He has been working fervently over the years and evolving through his style to a level in which, by any glance of opportunity, he would be showcasing his art for the benefit of the black heritage and pride for the world to experience.

You can find Damilare on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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