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Robert Osei Anim

Robert Osei Anim was born in Accra, the capital city of Ghana,and started exhibiting his works around the year 2000. 

He studied at the Ankle College of Art and Ghanatta College of Art andDesign and graduated with a diploma in painting. He then continues his study at King’s university college, studying LLB in law.

Robert is a Ghanaian international fine artist based in England. Mainly exhibits his artwork in most of the London art shows and Canada. And proudly a member of the Ghana Association of Visual Artists. (GAVA) International Member of National Gallery of Canada with my ID No-# 141374.

His artwork takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues. His work his paintings are full of inspiration from things he sees around him all the time, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, and lullabies that are part of his childhood and adult culture.

He then said he didn’t also believe an artist painting or making creation in one area because what he sees today is different from what he sees tomorrow, painting must be all round that
makes nature natural.

Each project often consists of multiple works, often in a range of different inspirations, grouped around specific themes and meanings. During painting and production, new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of perfect work. He has also earned several local awards for his unique style. His hope and dream for the future is to become a world- famous artist.


 National museum – 2000 (Ghana)
 Lisafric Museum – 2002- (Ghana)
 Golden tulip Hotel -2005 (Ghana)
 Herschel Gallery (Solo )- 2006 ( Ghana)
 Golden tulip hotel- 2008- (Ghana)
 Dei Creation Collection- 2012 (Zurich, Switzerland )
 Int’l Art fair (20th & 21st Century Art )- 2012 ( Switzerland )
 Novotel hotel – 2012 ( Ghana)
 Center for National Culture ( Solo ) 2012-( Ghana)
 Alkasiff Studio – 2014-(Paris, France )
 The Fishes Garden Hinkinsen village art fare- 2015 ( Oxford, United Kingdom )
 Oxford Art Fair -2015 (oxford, united Kingdom )
 Tokyo international art fair- 2016 (Tokyo, Japan )
 Rotterdam international Art fair -2016 ( Netherland )
 Amsterdam international Art fair- 2017 (Netherland )

 Vancouver Art Fair-2017 ( Vancouver, Canada )
 Art Karlsruhe – 2017 (German)
 Roy’s People Art fair -2017 ( London )
 Ghana@60 through Art exhibition- 2017 (Dallas, Texas. The USA)
 De Marchi Gallery -2017( Bologna, Italy )
 Oxford Art Fair-2017 (Oxford, united kingdom)
 Parallax Art fair- 2018 ( London )
 New York Art Fair- 2018 (New York, USA)
 Vancouver Art Fair-2018 ( Vancouver, Canada)
 Roy’s Art fair -2018 (London)
 Vancouver Art fair-2019 ( Canada)
 Parallax Art fair – 2019 ( London)
 Camden Image Gallery – (Solo) 2019 ( London)
 JonaQuest Art Gallery- (Solo ) 2019 ( London,)

You can find Robert on Instagram or on his website.

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