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Jada Grantlin

My name is Jada Grantlin. I’m known as JagsArtCreations, an art business that sells artwork that speaks for itself.

As a young kid, I always had a passion for the arts. I would make up stories and sketch characters with huge eyes until I began to draw illustrations from amazing animation films and tv series that filled me with joy.

At the age of 19, I began to paint acrylic portraits and allowed myself to take on commissions from locals. This was also the time I began to promote myself as JagsArtCreations! For the 3 years, I have promoted my work on social media apps such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Facebook, where future and past clients have contacted me to create amazing portraits of family, friends, and beloved ones come to life on a canvas. I am so thankful for meeting amazing artists along my journey who inspired me to continue to pursue my artwork!

I am currently an acrylic painter and freelance illustrator pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design! 

You can find Jada on her website

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