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My name is Leiyana, but I go by s0ftlei (softly) for now. I’m a 24-year-old artist currently based in the Bay Area.

I believe that artists are messengers, expressing the divine through their work. Most of my art comes to me like flashes of intuition/insight. For a long time, I suppressed those flashes of creativity because I was told they didn’t matter or they weren’t good enough. I had to fight to be able to express myself freely, so my art is something that I take very seriously. I’m working on letting loose a little, though (haha). 

The message I intend for my art to convey is one of acceptance and unconditional love for self. As humans, we are conditioned to repress, suppress and close off our hearts so that we don’t experience pain. Not realizing that by doing this, you become so numb that you can no longer see or feel the beauty of what it means to be human. I like to show this by adding elements of earth and nature in my creations.

 I also like to focus on duality. I show this through the use of complementary or contrasting colors. I view duality as balancing extremes. Your truth, and someone else’s truth; internal and external, self and not-self; yin and yang. Throughout my life, the core lesson I keep arriving at is ‘balance’; it’s been quite the teacher and my greatest muse. My art is mystical, magical, and ethereal, just like me. And it has something to say! But the message will only be delivered to those who wish to open their hearts.

You can find Leiyana’s social media links via Universe.

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