A balance of spirits 

Kami (they/them) 

My name is Kami, and I am a non-binary self-taught digital artist from South Africa.

I’ve always loved art and found so much joy in expressing myself through any form of art. Most of my pieces are inspired by the media I consume and literally everything around me. However, some are inspired by personal experiences and how I felt about them.  I always want my pieces to look like a snapshot of some fantasy world. Art, to me, is a form of escapism because it helps me forget the world around me for a few hours; I also use it as a way to communicate my thoughts and imagination to anyone viewing it. I know how intense the world has become, and I really want my art to be an escape for the viewer. One constant theme you’ll find in all my artworks is the balance of good and evil, light and dark, space and earth because that’s always fascinated me.

You can find Kami on Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr.

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