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Kanmi Olukanni

My name is Kanmi Olukanni; I am an artist that works with charcoal and graphite to achieve realism in portraits.

My passion for art derives from the young age of 5, sitting in front of the tv and drawing every character I found exciting. This passion for sketching only grew and refined over time, having studied subjects such as art and photography. I am concerned with observing and studying the smallest of details, whether it was taking photos or drawing; I was keen on showcasing this in my own way. 

I am currently studying masters in Architecture which has improved my technical side of detail drawing, having produced various measured drawings throughout my studies. This does not take away from my love for realism portrait art, the fact that every face is unique and every set of eyes tells a different story. This is what I try to implement in my art, capturing their emotions using a pencil.

You can find Kanmi on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

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