Beauty in the Outliers 

Wafa Khalifa

Wafa Khalifa is a self-taught multi-medium artist based in al-Bayda, Libya, and a drawing trainer at AOOC.

I do art to continue to walk down my father’s road that he didn’t get the chance to finish because of what has been going on in Libya. Over a year ago, I started doing live performances; live performances are so very special to me and seeing the audience smile. Their energy on stage is the absolute best; you can tell how proud they are of my own performance.

In the midst of a global health crisis, the question of what art can do to help us? becomes more urgent, there is science_backed evidence that seeing or making art can play a crucial role in healing our bodies and minds. And that’s why art is so important for me; science doesn’t help us see the uniqueness of human beings, but stories sure can. Art helps me understand that there are many different perspectives; humans aren’t just averages; they are beauty in the outliers. 

You can find Wafa on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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