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My name is Abu. There are countless narratives and experiences building day by day within us, and I feel art through any medium achieves a form of personal expression that we may find difficult to delineate normally. We may come from polar opposite extremes in every regard, but our differences should be a way to communicate and connect with each other, not push us away.

The following piece engages in subjective experience and the different facets of human experience. It follows the concept of communication and the potential difficulties and wonders in communicating and connecting.

Where do we begin?

The earliest fog of memory of clenching the bucket of water over our head at the end of the shower. Both hands clenched from side to side with the feeling of championship make on the chest.

Or glued onto the TV screens huddled over one another as we saw Tom’s plans foiled again.

Maybe it was the passing of aba a man we hardly knew but others cared for so deeply, crocodile hatchling tears eye to eye from an early light.

Speaking from my own subjective experience but I’m so desperate to connect the maybe in the moment we share in our past.

Like the lunchtime music speaker circles, cycling from the newest grime to dancehall to reggaeton song.

Or after school love, strolling from the music room to DT the grip on their hand to yours embodying the love for you and the moment.


these are just sand molecules in the ocean of human experience but Mt Everest to you and I.

But what is it I’m attempting to communicate?

Split into two I see

Maybe my attempt to open the tank valve of my life and its significance to you, from memory to moment and what it means. But a waste without my eyes don’t you believe?

The other and more precise is enclosed around the notion of the “Gift”

Pull yourself further in the reading who knows if you are still around but what I’m attempting to say might leave you with a smile or frown.

But then leave if you must, maybe I haven’t peaked interest. But what I attempt to say may enlighten so consider it spiritual invest….ment


You and I

You and I

Truly understand that on the levels present: Distance, internet, gender, age, time, and the sip of tea you had that may have brightened your mood 4 years ago.

We are so different in the fundamentals of our genetic makeup, socio-cultural upbringings, and chemical balance in our brains that the millimeter and nanosecond in our lives alter everything in our approach and internalization of the world. (I may have lost you halfway but if you’re still here continue on.)

These vast cruel savannahs that distance me and you mean everything if we care to investigate and nothing if we choose to live our lives standardly oblivious which there is no wrong to as its custom, but then again maybe wrong dependant which way you look at it.

Once in a lifetime to be discovered or not. We may encounter ourselves with the opportunity of a bridge from one world to another:

Arrakis to Niflheim

Twin Peaks to Mullohand Drive

The Holy Mountain to El Topo

Chelsea FC to AS Sotema

GSP to Khabib

Henrietta Lacks to Sojourner Truth

Megan to Nicki

Dedan Kimathi to Amilcar Cabral

Pop Smoke to Migos

Tiger Woods to Rory McIlroy

Wilt Chamberlain to Damian Lillard

Castro to Kahu$h

Trump to Fred Hampton

Angela Davis to Frida Kahlo

René Magritte: Les Amants to Jean Michel Basquiat: Boxer Rebellion


You see what I’m trying to convey that by chance we may stumble across another and an opportunity arises whose probability is so far that more often than not would lead to a syntax error. However we arrive there, the most paramount decision we make in our lives possibly before proceeding inwards is to gauge them on every level. This may take 72 seconds, 9 days, 33 weeks to 54 years, who knows? It may vary from one to the other.

But once we decide what is right for us…

If they are right…

In the words of Hannibal and Will in Mizumono to communicate in my experience and my experience

I hope you understand the detail and its significance:


Will: You were supposed to leave.

Hannibal: We couldn’t leave without you.

[Inset knife and twirl in the abdomen, release and embrace with a hug, stroke head and speak gently into the ear]

Hannibal: Time did reverse, the teacup that I shattered, dared come together. A place was made for Abigal in your world. Do you understand? A place made for all of us, together.

[Pull out while still embracing slightly less]

Hannibal: I wanted to surprise you and you wanted to surprise me.

[let go of and drops to the floor]

Hannibal: I let you know me, see me. I gave you a rare gift..and you didn’t want it

Will: Didn’t I?


Hope you enjoyed and understood even if it’s 0.000000005%

Hope you have a blessed life full of adversities and perseverance!


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Last note: I think we should all try understanding time to time Nietzsche and the horse of Turin.


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