An escape from reality

Henan Nazeem

 I am an opportunistic young individual trying to take on the world like a storm.

Writing to me is a way of expression, a way of healing, and a way of living.  I wouldn’t be who I am today without this form of escape from reality (with some painting on the side too). My inspiration for writing is mainly from the emotions I felt at different parts of my life in certain circumstances. I love sharing these feelings with you, in case any one of you is going through tough times, especially during covid, to let you know you are not alone. Let’s explore the mysteries of this world together.

There’s so many things I want in this world

So much I would die to achieve

So many dreams that yearn to live

Timeless memories waiting

Breathless days aching

And my passion burning

But I’ve yet to take action

I want to seek redemption

But I’m stuck with words

Endless words and no-

Not on purpose

I seek a catalyst a person or a thing

I seek forgiveness for silencing the rings

I seek pleasure for what is to come

So save me as I fall

The endless depths of the mind

The black hole in my heart

I don’t want to be numb

-heny’s inspo


White Devil

White devil

Feel confused out of place

Red angels

Laugh mockingly

I feel like a white devil

Real feelings misunderstood

A blank colour someone violently abused.

A fake masked forced on me

Someone I’m not I try to be

These red angels surround me, with their

Beautiful features they laugh at me

They say ignorance is bliss

So they’ll never ever feel the pain I’m in

No emotions not human no empathy no


I’m a target of satisfaction

To fulfill your dreams and hopes

My voice just happens to be at a different


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