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I’m Lumi. My name comes from the French translation of light: lumiére. I once got a fortune that said, “spread the light; be the lighthouse.” And from that day, I made it my mission through my journey and my art to be that light for people. To shed light on the corners of our minds and our society and to bring a sense of peace.

Born in Bozeman, MT. 1997. Currently living in the Black Hills of South Dakota. From scribbling markers over her mother’s walls in her childhood to throwing paint at a canvas years later, she’s always found a way to express herself through a variety of artistic mediums. Lumi was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota and remained in the area to earn her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Black Hills State University. In addition, she attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for a few summer classes in 2017, then returned to the hills to finish off the rest of her degree. (Graduate of May 2021)

Being raised in a rather conservative area that didn’t have a very diverse art community, she would continually strive to create as much as she could, most frequently at her home, where she was raised along with four sisters. As she was raised in a family with predominantly women, she naturally began to incorporate ideas that reflected that within her work, emphasizing the idea of independence and issues dealing with mental health and internal turmoil. Art has been an immense part of her spiritual journey, and she aims to share that process with those around her, including the struggles and successes of the process.

In addition, she creates work in relation to consumer culture and how it affects our minds psychologically on an individual level as well as a collective consciousness. Her collage work is reflective of many topics surrounding the realities of mental health as well as the social and economic status of different communities in society, particularly within magazine media and the fashion industry. She poses questions through her work, allowing the viewer to create their own narrative from their personal experiences and morals.

Lumi works in a variety of media, including acrylic, screenprinting, collage, sculpture, photography, animation, and poetry. She aims to express herself and her experiences through each piece. She doesn’t limit herself to one thing, allowing for endless opportunities.

You can find Lumi on Instagram and Twitter.

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