Hello, my name is Alen

My favorite classes in school were probably Math and English/Literature. Art was one of those classes I liked, but I would not call myself a gifted artist. I first realized graphic design during one of my classes in school which was Photoshop. Photoshop was a class most students took for an easy grade or just because they needed an extracurricular activity to graduate.

But I felt something positive. I gained interest in learning more and picked up a lot of knowledge early on. I would go home and try to learn even more about digital art and try to make something cool. Before this moment, I had never recognized all the digital art around us. I enjoy creating 2d abstract art dealing with shapes and, on occasion, creating fan arts. Sadly, I had no luck in finding work as a digital artist, so now I am no longer focused on art. However, I still mostly enjoy fitness and watching sports as a hobby.

You can find Alen on Twitter.

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