They Got Vision: Episode 3 (Importance of Sudanese Journalism) 

They Got Vision is a segment that is apart of the 20/20 Live Podcasts. The channel concentrates on individuals in the global community, making a positive change in their own communities. 

In the third episode, Founder Mohamed Eltayeb speaks to Ahmed Yasir Mustafa, a 17-year-old writer passionate about Sudanese politics and has written several profiles focusing on Sudanese political leaders. Mustafa discusses the importance of Sudanese journalists in the industry and speaks about his journey as a journalist and where he hopes it takes him. So check it out now and let us know what you think in the comments, or reach out to us!

If you or anyone in your community is creating positive change within the global community, reach out to us! For questions or concerns, contact us at

You can find Ahmed on Instagram and Twitter.

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