Hi, I’m Sonu! I’m an Indian digital illustrator based in Bangkok.

In elementary school, I taught myself to draw comics because I found it exciting to create unique characters and magical worlds. Years later, I’m still telling my stories through my art. Truthfully, I never really saw anyone like me – a queer brown girl – in media growing up, so I try my best to represent myself and everything I love about my identity and my cultures into the art I make.

Fandom culture has always been a big part of who I am, too, so aside from my own original stories, I love to create fanart for my favorite books, shows, and games.As for where I’m currently at in my art journey, I’d love to develop more of my own stories further, but I’d also love to create art for others! I’m already doing commissions, but I’d love to work on bigger projects with other amazing artists in the future. I’m always up for trying new things!

Desi Fashion
Diamond Castle
Girl WIth the Pearl Earring
Summer Afternoon

You can find Sonu on Instagram and Twitter.

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