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Before you ask: no, I don’t belong to Freddie Mercury’s family. Unfortunately. But I am a 20-year-old girl from Portugal who is not ashamed to be her true and most authentic self, as Freddie Mercury was.

I have always loved Queen since I was a kid; my dad used to play them on the long car rides on our way to the beach. That’s how I became a big fan of 70/80/90’s music. Thank you, dad. The name Freddie also has a special place in my heart because it reminds me of my artist friends online. Sharing my work on my Twitter account has made me feel confident in my work. I have met some of the most talented & supportive people so far on this journey, and I am so grateful for all their support (this is where I wipe my tears with my sleeve because I can’t see what I am writing). 

Graphic design is truly my passion (no meme intended). It smells like nerd spirit, as Nirvana once said. Or teen spirit? I also have a teen spirit, so I’ll take it. In case you haven’t noticed by all the music references, my work is focused on making poster designs of my favorite albums/songs. It is scientifically proven that Freddie can’t live without music (source: trust me). My creative process? You ask. I hope you came this far to be curious to ask anything; I swear I’m an interesting person.

My creative process is exactly what I said 2 phrases ago. I just listen to music, and if I’m feeling inspired by the song I’m listening to, I just open Adobe Photoshop, create a 2160×1260 pixels document and start writing the album/name and wait for my brain to come up with ideas based on the vibe the album/song gives me. Sometimes that doesn’t happen. That’s what creative block means to me. When that happens, I break up with Photoshop and give myself time to think if I can take this relationship or not, and by this, I mean close the program for a few days and do other things that doesn’t include moving pixels on a digital canvas. The ideas will come up eventually, as Tame Impala once said.

No music? No designing. That’s how it works in Freddie’s World, and I hope you found me interesting enough to become one of the members of my world. And by that *self-promoting enters the chat,* I mean following me on my socials to see what else I come up with in the future.

You can find Freddie on Twitter and Behance.

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