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Anthony Hinds Jr 

Hi, my name is Anthony; I’m a 19-year-old artist based in Miami, FL.

I started doing art like most artists in elementary school, and over time, art became my love, my passion, and my life. Art, for me, is the way I make my thoughts and ideas a reality. Me being a person who thinks a lot, there are many ideas I want to get out of my head. I work with mostly graphite and acrylic paint, but I use various mediums from watercolor to oil pastel, charcoal, etc., and most recently, I’ve started doing digital art. 

Most of the art I make is of Black women and men depicting their beauty and differences in how I see them. I want the viewer of my work to admire the beauty of Black women and men in art form. I also experiment with customizing shoes from time to time. I aspire to become a full-time artist and make a living with the talent I was blessed with, and in the process, I hope I can inspire and motivate other creatives who have a creative passion for pursuing those passions they have. It won’t be easy, but that’s how you fall in love with the journey.

You can find Anthony on Instagram (Art/Main), Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube.

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