Muscle Memory 


Hi, my name is Rue! I’m a hobby artist from the USA who studies psychology and works as a microbiologist.

Since I draw as a hobby, I’m able to draw whatever comes to me, and right now, I’m working on bettering my creativity. I like to draw realism when I can’t think of anything, plus it helps with muscle memory. My favorite subject to draw is spooky-looking dogs with big jowls and big teeth. The thing that seems to be a major characteristic in most of my personal art would be pupil-less eyes and just eyes themselves. I have an eye tattoo on my left arm, and it is my favorite thing about me. Eyes have always been an important theme in my life, I’m not really sure if I should call it a “theme” per se, but it is an important characteristic of my being. 

I’m interested in tarot and the zodiac and have done some pieces dedicated to both and am planning on more. Art used to be a very emotional thing for me, but I went through a very bad depression for a few years and did not draw at all; once I picked up a pencil again, I was too afraid to draw my emotions. So I’ve slowly been working to incorporate emotions back into my work, and when I do, they are very meaningful and important to me. Thank you so much for reading! I’m not very good at introducing myself, so I hope this was somewhat helpful in understanding me!

You can find Rue on Instagram and Twitter.

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