Brown Girl the Brand


My name is Trinity. I’m a 21-year-old poet, YouTuber, and all-around creative from Atlanta, Georgia.

I started Brown Girl the Brand after writing my poetry book, Brown Girl Almighty, which is soon to be released. For the clothing line, I took excerpts of my writing and teamed up with an amazing graphic design artist, Cori Nelson, to create intentional pieces that truly embody my poetry and brand. For “The River Tee,” it reads: Here! I have cried you a river to drown in. The graphic features a sunset where the sun is actually an eye and is literally crying itself into a river.

For “The Heart Tee,” it reads: I will no longer cut myself in half to make another feel whole. The artwork is up to the wearer’s own interpretation. It features two hands that are either about to pull the heart apart or have just mended it back together.As of right now, Brown Girl the Brand has three items available on our website (the two shirts and a sticker pack). But within the next two months, we will be adding tote bags, hats, posters, journals, and much more to our inventory! There will also be two new t-shirt designs that feature more of my poetry releasing by the end of this year. 

You can find Trinity on Instagram (Personal/Business), Youtube, TikTok, Twitter, or her website!

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