D Glo

Hello all, I am currently, at this moment, a 22-year-old Afro Latino from a small city called Lawrence, Massachusetts.

My artwork really is me, everything that has to do with my subconscious. My artwork ranges from paintings on canvas to mixed media pieces on paper, collages of old artwork mixed with new artwork, and digital pieces. I find that my perspective is what makes my artwork so unique because there’s nothing else like it.

 As a creative, I definitely take inspiration from everything I see as far as fashion, art, music, architecture, and nature. I’m currently learning French to become trilingual. I am also working on a blog where it’s a platform that showcases me as my business. I love to read often and learn life and use that as my muse when it comes to my creativity. I am my own muse as well as what I observe.

You can find D Glo on Instagram and Twitter.

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