Da Vinci 


I’m Mic, a 14 years old realism artist, and I am from the Philippines.

I started drawing when I was 11, and I used to doodle, and my art style is like” Vexx,” He is one of the best artists out there, and you should check him out. Anyways I’m a multimedia artist; I usually experiment in every medium I am using. I most likely use colored pencils and watercolors because they are so fun and easy to use. 

Probably my hatest medium is graphite because I just don’t like the shine of graphite, and it is also hard to make an artwork with it, to be honest, but I enjoy it sometimes because it’s less expensive than other art mediums. I’m a self-taught artist, I learned my skills by myself, and I practiced many years to get the talent I have now, and I’m really proud to say that. Some of my inspirations are my followings on Instagram. I have social media that I’ve worked so much to get all the audience I have right now.

You can find Mic on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, or their website.

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