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Emily Echevarria

My name is Emily Echevarria, and I am a 24-year-old central Florida artist.

I primarily use acrylic paint, and my main focus is anime fan art! I have always loved art since I was a kid and mainly focused on cartoons and landscapes. My love for anime started right after high school; I got introduced to Naruto and was hooked! However, it wasn’t until the 2020 pandemic and inspiration from Twitter artists such as @indiyasha__ and @misstanyac_ that I decided to combine my love for both!¬†

Honestly, I was terrible at first, but after a LOT of practice, I can finally say a year later, I am proud of my growth and my art, and the ideas that come to life! I am so thankful for all the support my art has gotten and all the people who have trusted me to bring their ideas to life.

You can find Emily on Instagram and Twitter.

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