Cloud Haze

Cloud (they/them)

I’m Cloud, a 23-year-old queer artist from Oregon.

I make psychedelic acrylic paintings and digital art to explore the world through color. My paintings are inspired by the breathtaking expanse of nature and space. My digital portraits are inspired by the beauty of people being true to themselves. I’m all about radical love and want my art to inspire people to love themselves, love others, love life, and love the world around them.

A little bit about the person behind the art: I’m a queer, non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns. I’m currently a law student aiming to work at the intersection of prison abolition and queer liberation. I often donate proceeds from my commissions to grassroots prison abolition organizations or local community needs. For commission information, send me an email!

You can find Cloud on Instagram, Twitter, Etsy, E-mail, or find them on Venmo (@CloudHaze).

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