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Mohamed Eltayeb

 The tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan are disheartening to witness; now is the time to act and support the Afghan people. The refugee crisis is quickly growing as the security situation in Afghanistan deteriorates each and every day. There is tremendous uncertainty as to what the future holds for the people of Afghanistan; here’s what you can do to help.

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Organizations to donate to

  • Afghanaid is a British humanitarian and development organization that provides a community-led approach that allows Afghans a voice in their own development, making them active participants in shaping the future of their country.
  • Islamic Relief USA has provided humanitarian services for 20 years in Afghanistan and has made an initial commitment of $1 million to help Afghan families suffering under the current crisis.
  • The International Rescue Committee is delivering lifesaving aid in conflict areas and providing emergency cash assistance and protection services for those displaced in Kabul.
  • UNHCR USA is on the ground to provide lifesaving care and protection to families in need of help. $1000 can provide essential medicine to 100 refugees. $240 can provide education grants for 8 children to attend school. $120 can provide tarps to protect 8 family shelters from the weather. $60 can provide clean water for 60 refugees in an emergency situation.
  • Enabled Children Initiative supports Afghan children and young people with disabilities who have been abandoned by families or have survived without a guardian.
  • Afghan Learning Academy provides educational and humanitarian services in the city of Kandahar.

Fundraisers to donate to


  • The Conference of Defence Associations and the CDA Institute are seeking 1,000 volunteers from coast to coast to coast to welcome and help integrate Afghans who served alongside the Canadian Armed Forces as interpreters, translators, drivers, and fixers during Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.
  • Afghanistan Congressional Call Script (USA) This document attempts to centralize contact information and demands for US politicians regarding Afghanistan.
  • Lutheran Social Services is mobilizing its community supporters to be a part of a historic welcome of 2,500 individuals. They need support on providing transportation, housing, and other basic needs to welcome individuals who received just a few days’ notices of their departure to the United States.
  • Email the key decision-makers from each political party in Canada that have the power to make decisions and statements about how they will help Afghanistan; click here.
  • Contact congress and specific policy recommendations to help Afghanistan. Click here.
  • The British and US military are still present in the airport in Kabul – but not for long. They currently have the resources to secure a humanitarian corridor to help people at risk to escape. Click here.
  • Call on the Australian Government and Parliamentarians to Stand in Solidarity with the Afghan People. Click here.
  • Stop Pakistan’s support for the Taliban. Click here.


  • Leaving Afghanistan (immigration info/ worldwide contacts). Click here.
  • Immigration relief for Afghans. Click here.
  • Special immigrant visas for Afghans- who were employed by/ on behalf of the US government. Click here.
  • Special immigrant visas for Afghans- who were employed by/ on behalf of the Canadian government. Click here.
  • Artistic Freedom Initiative is currently accepting applications from at-risk artists in the United States and worldwide seeking temporary and permanent residence in the US. Additionally, for at-risk artists already located in the United States, AFI accepts applications from artists who fear persecution in their home countries and seek asylum in the US. Click here.

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