Cancer treater by day; picture taker by night.

A self-taught photographer, born & raised in London, whose photography journey began about 2 years ago: it all started with a holiday in Sudan, and my phone Рtravel photography became my passion. I wanted to showcase the culture and tell stories, which is how travellingsudania came to life. 

Coming back to the UK, portrait photography became another passion. I got to develop myself, leading up to my big Sudania Mia Almia project – something exciting that I got to do & something I’d never seen done before. Going back to Sudan again gave me the opportunity to work with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met. So many different projects came to life, and I really got to make magic!

I get to take pictures of beautiful people in beautiful places. I get to tell stories through an image. I get to make people feel confident in themselves &, most importantly, have fun on a photo shoot.

You can find Marwa on Instagram and Twitter.

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