Madness in the Method

Hannah Gebhart

My name is Hannah Gebhart (Gebhartist); I am a 20-year-old artist based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I create abstract figurative work with oil paintings, sometimes experimenting with non-representation. In my senior year of high school (2019), I was gifted a camera. To first get the hang of how it worked, I took pictures at my school’s basketball games, which eventually became the inspiration for my first painting in my series of strange characters.

At first, the style was a one-and-done kind of deal, but it came back to me during quarantine in 2020. I became obsessed with these figures and all of the ways I could shape them. They have become a staple in my recent work, and I struggle to create a piece without throwing one of my figures in there. I work impatiently and always let my paintings guide me to the end, never knowing what the final piece will be. With more madness than method, I keep myself on my toes and am always excited to see what I will come up with next, good or bad.

You can find Hannah on Instagram, Twitter, her website for originals, or shop her prints!

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