Homesickness in the post pandemic era

Menna Soliman

Menna Soliman is an Egyptian filmmaker and a current student at Northwestern University in Qatar. She has won an award for best photography during Northwestern’s Summer Program in 2016. She has worked as Teacher Assistant for Professor Rana Kazkaz at Northwestern. She has developed two scripts which are Black Dog and Prisoner M9. Prisoner M9 isin the process of development. Prisoner M9 was recently nominated for Media and Research Award for a best creative piece. She worked in two studio 20Q films, as a Production Assistant in Woh Ghungroo Wali Larkiand as a pre-production Assistant in Ibn-Ballad. She is currently working as an intern writer at the Buttonwood Tree. She lives in Qatar with her parents and sister.

An old couple is feeling homesick during the post-pandemic world. They talk about their true feelings through the images that show their struggle to cope with their loneliness and trying to meet their needs after both lost their job during Corona time.

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