Master of his fate


I am Bhare a creative, born in New York and raised in Southern Maryland. College Grad and worked 3 hours at a FedEx. Not decorated, hardly known and usually uninterested in the world. I create because I am able to and share because it’s in my name.

I am inspired by the colors of my friends, the emotion in Japanese animation, the feeling of hot water, and the world inside sounds. 

I create in pursuit of obsession. To be so immersed in the realm, I can’t find my way back. I have little to no knowledge on formal art teaching and I personally don’t look to learn them either. I am not praising my skill with this. Each piece I make can be golden or can be the failure I need to move to the next step, it doesn’t matter. I want raw and unfiltered, to come to terms with who I am. My creation comes from the soul of the person I want to be, outside of the versions I use to please other people. 

You can find Bhare on Instagram, Twitter, and their website.

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