Photon Tide

Hello, I am Photon Tide. I am from the central coast of California (831) area, and I make music, art, and photography. 

Early last month, I bought photoshop and a canon EOS that my friend (Bearxo) let me borrow and started shooting and filming music-related things, eventually it led to me making my own cover art and my own art projects. Now I mainly use the camera for shooting photos I edit. I also use procreate for some different textures, coloring, and drawing. 

I just finished my most recent project titled “2 tabs deep, 4th of July,” which comes from a psychedelic point of view when I took acid and saw the world melt away in front of me. I’m currently working on music and artistic endeavors and can’t wait to share it with the people that show me love. I am extremely grateful that anyone likes my stuff, as I did it as an escape from reality and a way to express myself in a different form than just music. 

lost, in the right direction
sleep paralysis
spirits leaving

You can find Photon on Instagram, Twitter, or buy their prints here.

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