Something in the water


 A mirror held up to the world, exposing the aspects of life we often forget or ignore – lies, hatred, energy, connection – this is the work of the secretive artist known only as Karisma. 

Born in Italy, Karisma turned to art for a more personal reason than fame or fortune; his work resulted from sleepless nights and struggles with depression. 

Karisma is a self-taught digital artist, garnering attention from magazines, art galleries, and award competitions early in his career. Though discreet about his artistic process, Karisma has exhibited work at the International Exhibition of Modern and Contemporary Art in Innsbruck ( Austria ), Budapest, and at the Salon International d’Art Contemporain in Montecarlo ( France ). 

Karisma cites no influences upon his work, drawing solely upon his own mind for the often dark, challenging, and thrilling scenes within his art. Today Karisma continues to explore the corners of his inner world, arm in arm, with his two international awards. 

Try tell me who to be
Source of Madness
Neon Genesis
i still think you are beautiful
goodbye dad

You can find Karisma on Instagram and Twitter.

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