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Ula Osman

I am Ula Osman, 22 years old, Sudanese. Currently, I reside in Khartoum, but I was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Media and communication coordinator trying to make a change through photography, storytelling, digital media art, and culture. I was always visualizing what I like and what I want to, so photography helped me motivate and distill in my own mind the specifics.   

When I want to shoot, I vision, plan and set goals. I ask myself why I use photography. Because it’s helped me define things and use it as a medium for documentation and reflection of the realities of modern-day Sudan and to capture cases that violate the citizens of the land. This propels forth my social standing as a human and women’s rights activist.

I work as a media and communication consultant in both the governmental and private sectors. My current job position at HAC aids me in supporting the Sudanese Transitional Government As a young protestor of the previous dictatorial rule and further inspires and develops my photographic pursuit.

You can find Ula on Instagram and Twitter.

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