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My name is Brandon, my artist and online persona is Glideroy. I’m an 18-year-old artist from Tennessee, drawing for 3 1/2 years so far!

My style began to cultivate in early 2019 when I grew more discontent with the lack of space filled by basic straight lines, so I began to stylize my drawings with curly pen strokes. Thanks to the encouragement from my best friend, I started to develop it. And here I am now, with what I feel is a very distinctive style that still has so much room to evolve. 

Within the last year, I started getting into manga, and I found my art being heavily influenced by my favorite mangaka’s such as Tsutomu Nihei, Q Hayashida, Norihiro Yagi, and the late Kentato Miura. They’re just a handful of artists I consider the “blueprint” for me.

The next big step with my art that I’ve taken is putting my art on clothing, and my goal with that is to see as many people wearing it as possible. I’m very excited to see where I go in all my creative ventures! 

You can find Brandon on Instagram, Twitter, and their website.

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