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My love for photography started many years ago. Since the iPhone 3GS, I have wanted to be an iphoneographer. A camera was just too expensive and seemed out of reach. I have always loved taking photos and tried to capture moments. 

In the middle of 2018, I landed what I thought was. Dream job in social media and had the chance to play with cameras. My first gig was an exclusive fashion show in my city, and I nailed it shooting automatic. I was hooked. I purchased my first camera not long after that. It’s roughly just over two years that I have been shooting. I am only now starting to see myself as a photographer. I have met some amazing photographers along the way who have given me tips and tricks to better myself. 

My passion is people. I love photographing people. I am beginning to find the style I hope for and plan to be world-class. My dream, for now, is to one day shoot for Levis. Until then, I plan to get better at every shoot. My Instagram bio says God creates the beauty; I just try and capture it. My happy place is behind the camera. There is nothing that compares to the feeling as I gasp as I look through the viewfinder and see the subject look absolutely breathtaking. It is still a long road to go, but I plan to capture moments that are unforgettable for some so that the memory of that photo lives forever. 

I can be found everywhere online with the username @rid1kader; my photography page is free to hit me up and speak about art or life or just share ideas. We live in a world where we are more alike than different. I hope that these few images make you smile and at least one of them makes you smile or think, wow. I found my passion in my late thirties; don’t stop trying to find yours. Having a passion is the difference between living and existing.

You can find Ridwaan on Instagram (Personal/Business) and Twitter.

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