Safe Haven

Tai Sa-Ra

Hello everyone. My name is Tai Sa-Ra; however, I often go by my art alias Blkcmptr. I am a 21-year-old artist from Belleville, Illinois. 

Art to me I consider my safe haven, almost a form of escaping the world. Through each work, there are the touches of emotions I felt while creating the piece. This is an essential factor for all the ideas and concepts I brainstorm, even down to the brush strokes on canvas. I heavily began my art career painting hyperrealism portraits and shifted over to painting hands and other forms of human anatomy. 

Hands show so much history from person to person, down to the fingerprints and scars over time. I am also pursuing a career in tattooing and heavily deals with the flow of water and other topography influences. My dream is to collaborate with James Jean and Kim Junggi one day.  

You can find Tai on Instagram (Personal/Business) and Twitter.

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