Kayla Sloan 

Hello! I’m Kayla Sloan, a 22-year-old digital and traditional artist from Cleveland, Ohio.

I’ve had a passion for creating things my whole life; I was always drawing and painting as a kid and used art as an outlet for my emotions as I was growing up. Earlier this year, when I’d finally saved up enough for an Ipad, I started creating digital art as well. I absolutely adore making art digitally and love how it gives me the freedom to do things and add certain effects that I can’t do with traditional art. 

In addition to digital, I really enjoy working with oil paint and pastel chalks. I love using vivid colors and blending them together in my pieces. My goal with my art is to create images that embody the emotions that I feel, which is why I chose “romantisize” to be the name for my art account. Romanticizing the emotions I feel and thoughts that I have by turning them into art that people may relate to or just enjoy looking at. 

You can find Kayla on Instagram and Twitter.

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