Golden Ratio


My name is Katherine, but I usually go by Bonnie470, an artist pseudonym I’ve created focused on the meaning of each number.

The numerology relays my mantra, which is “The more knowledge and education your culture has, the closer they are to freedom.” Therefore, I always try to create conversations with my work, be it through its vibrancy or how fluid the piece is, and somehow open the viewer’s mind to abstract ideas.¬†

Originally I’m trained as a painter who is quite experimental; I tend to mix different techniques such as layering glue or even burning and cutting the canvas. Painting feels like home, but it seems like out of nowhere, I found a passion for rug designing. To some, my rugs appear to be cells forming and detaching and have been said to resemble amoebas. Other rugs, I’ve referred to the Golden Ratio, therefore, causing my rugs to be quite scientific in theory. I strive for motion in my work, be it the motion of the viewer’s eye or just a constant flow of energy in my rugs.

You can find Katherine on Instagram (Personal/Art) and Twitter.

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